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Helping people live healthier and better lives at LNIF2018

Last week, I attended the 2018 Lake Nona Impact Forum in Orlando alongside more than 250 of the nation’s most distinguished leaders from in and outside the world of health care. Though we came from all four corners of the country and different parts of the industry, we were united by a desire to start figuring out how to help people live healthier and better lives.

Laser Spine Institute has essentially made the same promise to more than 75,000 over the last decade, removing chronic pain as one of the primary obstacles to achieving the healthier and better lives we all deserve. But with the pace of change in health care today, a theme underscored by Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s remarks, the word ‘provider’ is changing along with it. It’s up to us to adapt to this changing environment as patients looking beyond traditional options – like hospitals, doctor’s office and even outpatient surgery centers like Laser Spine Institute – for the holistic care they need.

As I look back on the lessons learned from multiple voices from the 2018 LNIF, in and outside of the world of health care, I heard three major themes helpful for anyone involved in the delivery of health care today to stay ahead of that frenetic pace of change.

Looking Inward for Innovation
As Jonathan Perlin of HCA Healthcare perfectly summarized in his talk, the smartest organizations take cues from inside their own organization before even attempting to understand how to navigate the complex word of health care today.
That philosophy has been at the core of Laser Spine Institute’s gradual expansion of care and treatment options for pain – an evolution grounded in direct feedback from talking to our patients as well as our clinical staff. We learned early on from our patients that they aren’t coming to us for treatment because of a single event or illness, as the old, outdated model of health care would have dictated.

Instead, our patients were actually seeking out an option like minimally-invasive surgery as a solution for improving their overall health and wellness – a lesson that is easily learned from a consistent focus on what’s happening inside your four walls versus fixating on a single trend or external factor. I believe there’s more to uncover inside the four walls of an organization that could power the innovation many providers need to survive. Who are you going to talk to first?

Empowering Consumers to Create an Ecosystem of Wellbeing
Connected to the above insight, patients are moving away from being reactive and becoming more and more proactive in managing their health care. Another major theme throughout the Forum this year was the idea that as part of this self-managed care model, especially for those looking to stave off the aging process, is patients putting together an “ecosystem of wellbeing” for their long-term care: all of the elements, large and small, that factor into their overall health and wellness. As a provider, you may only have a part-time role in that process – but it’s an important role as it’s the provider who helps patients understand where you best fit into their model…not the other way around.

In these ecosystem of wellbeing sessions, we explored everything from trends in food choices to the impact of sleep on your overall health. This really resonated with me. At Laser Spine Institute we know sleep is nature’s physician, so the Forum and Dr. Oz’s focus on the topic underscored the need to all better integrate sleep into our patients’ ecosystems moving forward, especially for today’s nonstop consumers.

Better Habits With Everyday Behavior
On the closing day, the whole room, including Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Deepak Chopra, joined together to enjoy a movement break led by some of the presenters. It was not only needed and appreciated but it really brought the room together and underscored the importance of this seemingly routine – but often forgotten – habit.

Like I noted in my previous post, I believe taking a closer look at the everyday behavior we all tend to take for granted can have major impacts on improving your overall personal health – moving beyond food and sleep, to incorporating more mindfulness, posture awareness and stretching. That same mindset has guided Laser Spine Institute’s evolution into non-surgical, conservative care options. We look forward to helping patients focus on small wins with big results, like regular breaks from sitting – which we all do plenty of at work and at home.

This year’s Lake Nona Impact Forum has given me a lot to reflect on ahead of a momentous year for Laser Spine Institute. As former Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona said, “Every year this gets better,” and I’m already looking forward to LNIF19.